The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne’s Department of Health will begin accepting clients at its new detox center, Sahatihahará:ne  this coming Monday, October 2, 2023. The 4-bed/4-client center is located on Kawehno:ke and fills a need in healthcare and addictions services that our medical teams are committed to providing.


“This is a major milestone for our healthcare services,” said District Chief Sarah Sunday-Diabo, a health portfolio chief.  “We have heard from our clients and their family members that this service is greatly needed.  No one has to fight addiction alone; our medical and mental health staff are trained and dedicated to help every step of the way.”


District Chief Vanessa Adams, also a health portfolio chief, added, “This is an answer to our community’s prayers and the result of so much hard work and dedication on behalf of the Department of Health.”


The detox center’s name, Sahatihahará:ne, means “back on the path.” It is located at the former group home facility on James Lane, Cornwall Island.  The building has undergone renovations throughout the past year to fit the needs of detox clients, and staff positions have now been filled. 


 “We are excited to begin services for our community members,” said Bonnie Bradley, Sahatihahará:ne Detox Center Program Manager. “We will be providing a safe, stigma-free environment for our clients who are taking the first step in their healing journey.”


The attending physician for the detox center will be Dr. Cory Scott. Intake/pre-screenings have begun as of today, Thursday, September 28, 2023.  The Detox Center will conduct pre-admission screenings the week prior, with admission on the following Monday. 


For more information, or to schedule a pre-admission/intake screening, please contact the Sahatihahará:ne Detox Center at 613-932-5050.