The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne’s Department of Economic Development is proud to announce that it has received a $291,030 grant from Natural Resources Canada for the purchase of four electric vehicles (EVs) and four charging stations.  


Canada’s Zero Emissions Vehicle Awareness Initiative is committed to helping Canada reduce and eliminate vehicle exhaust and pollution.   


“We’re equipping Canadians with the awareness and knowledge they need to confidently make the switch to a Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV),” said Minister of Natural Resources Jonathan Wilkinson. “Ensuring easy access to ZEVs across Canada is a critical part of our plan to lower emissions and achieve our international climate goals. Through these and similar investments, we are putting more Canadians in the driver’s seat on the road to a net-zero future.” 


MCA plans to purchase electric vehicles that can be utilized by the organization, with plans to purchase more in the future.


“This is one step MCA is taking to support the growth of environmentally-friendly practices in our organization and the community,” said Grand Chief Abram Benedict. “As we learn more about new technologies and products that support the environment, we are in a better position to educate the community as a whole and reduce climate change.” 


Education is a main component of this project at MCA, as the goal is to encourage awareness of the benefits of electric vehicles and increase community members’ willingness to convert to better environmental practices.   


Some benefits of electric vehicles are:  

  • Safer for the environment: EVs have no tailpipe, so they don’t emit any exhaust gases, which reduces local air pollution 
  • Significant lower maintenance costs: no tune-ups or oil changes 
  • Cheaper fuel costs: $500 per year for EV / $2,000 per year for gas vehicle 
  • Vehicle efficiency: longer car life and less maintenance 
  • Instant heat, no need to warm up vehicle during winter months 
  • Less noise pollution: electric motors are much quieter and are capable of providing smooth drive with higher acceleration over longer distances 
  • Safer to drive: the EV’s lower center of gravity makes them more stable on the road in the case of a collision, they are less likely to explode in the absence of combustible fuel/gas 
  • Better resale value than gas-powered car 
  • Free parking: you can often find free, priority, or dedicated parking bays for electric cars, positioned with convenient access in mind 
  • Better driving: EV’s have more responsive acceleration and regenerative braking when easing off the accelerator. lower center of gravity improves handling and comfort


MCA looks forward to providing more information on this project as it moves forward.