Every year on the first Friday of May, Akwesasne honors an important Akwesasronon named John Saiowisakè:ron Fire. In 1999, on the 100th anniversary of his passing, a wooden statue depicting Saiowisakè:ron was created and unveiled on Kawehno:ke as a symbolic figure of a man who defined strength, bravery and community pride. In 2014, on the 115th anniversary, the statue was relocated from Kawehno:ke to Kana:takon, the place of his birth and death.  

Although this statue is an important landmark and a symbol of pride for Akwesasne, due to the more extreme weather conditions and everyday wear and tear, the John Fire Statue has seen significant damage to the integrity of the structure. As the statue now poses a safety concern for community members, particularly the youth who wait by the structure for bus pick-up/drop-off, it has been decided that the statue will be removed from its location this week.  

Further updates will be provided as they become available.  

For more information, you can contact the Mohawk Government Offices at 613-575-2250.