The MCA Physiotherapy Services are currently in operation at the CIA #3 Building on Kawehno:ke and open to Akwesasronon. 


Community members will need a referral by their doctor to access these services. All referral can be faxed to the Home Care/Home Support office at 613-933-2076.


Upon receiving the referral, a physiotherapist will contact you to schedule an appointment for assessment. Patients will be seen individually due to COVID-19 restrictions. 


Physiotherapy is under the direction of Patrick Labrooy, R.PT. and Martine Jean-Pierre, B.SC. PT. They are available for assessments on Tuesdays & Thursdays. 


Prescribed physiotherapy out-patient services, including community care, are available 5 days a week under the supervision of the Physiotherapist and administered by our Physiotherapist Assistants – Eugene David and Francine Gray.


Services are currently located at:
CIA # 3 Building
101 Tewasateni Road
Akwesasne, ON  K6H 0G5
613-575-2341 ext. 1060