Request For Food Vendors

Onefeather, working in conjunction with the Aboriginal Rights and Research Office (ARRO), are looking for licensed food vendors or caterers to prepare food and drink for special events.

OneFeather will be responsible for holding several meetings in the community regarding the Tsi:karístisere Dundee Land Claim and are putting a call out for local food vendors, pricing and list of services. Supporting local businesses is a priority to OneFeather, and we wish to showcase local talent.

This opportunity is available to the entire community of Akwesasne, northern and southern
portion. Please be aware of the following:

  • make sure to indicate if you are quoting American or Canadian funds.
  • Please provide sample menu(s)
  • List of services
  • Pricing and invoicing information
  • Contact information
  • Any food safe certifications
  • Please state if credit card payments are an option

If you would like to be added to the list we’re compiling of local caterers, please provide the above mentioned documents including any charges associated and submit to also indicate if you have any costs associated with set up and delivery. You can also contact us through our answering service at (613) 575-2348 ext.2201 and we can make arrangements to pickup your packets for consideration.