The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne Department of Infrastructure Housing & Environment (DIHE) has commenced mobilization to install temporary fencing and safety precaution signage in preparation to commence the work of Phase I – Hilltop Drive.

The work is to address deficiencies in the sanitary sewer, storm sewer, ditches, and the watermain. This work is necessary to reconstruct aging water and sewer infrastructure needed to service residences of Hilltop Drive. Along this roadway, the existing water main contains asbestos concrete piping which is showing signs of wear and the sewer is in poor condition that does not meet requirements for the water to and from homes. In addition, the road will be widened to meet minimum lane widths to improve traffic & pedestrian safety.  These infrastructure systems must be replaced. The construction has been awarded to Lazore’s Construction and will be arranged to provide the least disruption to the local community as possible.

As reported in previous MCA Newsletter Articles, this project has been ongoing and pending funding approval by Indigenous Services Canada (ISC). The Project Approval was given by ISC on
August 11th, which signaled that the project was funded and could commence. Given the need to do the project within a specific seasonal time frame, on August 6th it was announced that there were two Information Meetings were planned and held via ZOOM on August 11th & 12th, 2021 where the following information was presented:

  1. Lazore’s Construction Safety information pamphlet citing key points, “Be Aware there will be temporary sewer shut off for a few hours per day” (notices will be provided); “Hilltop drive will be closed within 100’ feet of the work area for traffic” indicating “local traffic only”; “Please use Park Street to travel to Kanonhkwat’sheri:io”.
  2. Traffic Plan for Phase I – Hilltop Drive from Health Facility (Kanonhkwat’sheri:io) to First Street.
  3. The weekly work timeline for the Phase I Hilltop Drive Infrastructure Reconstruction Project: August 16th, 2021 through to November 5th, 2021.
  4. The Phase I site work location and project details, were provided Jp2g Project Consultant.
  5. Background of the project development and communication with the District Residence starting in 2015 forward: Information discussed with Residents included Environmental Assessments, Easements, Testing Reports, and the proposed Design.

District residents are welcomed to receive more information about the project, and can do so by appointment with DIHE. Information can also be found on the MCA website at

To make an appointment to receive more information, or to speak to a DIHE Project Team representative about any effect to residents, please contact:

Department of Infrastructure Housing & Environment
General Assistance & Scheduling
(613) 575-2250 ext. 1003

Department of Infrastructure Housing & Environment
Technical Project Manager
(613) 575-2250 ext. 1007

Department of Infrastructure Housing & Environment
(613) 575-2250 ext. 1005

Department of Infrastructure Housing & Environment
Quality Control Inspector
Cell: (613) 930-3295

Department of Infrastructure Housing & Environment
Environmental Assessment Office
(613) 575-2250 ext. 1038 or 1044

Department of Infrastructure Housing & Environment
Water/Wastewater Program Manager
(613) 933-4924 or cell: (613) 551-7411

Department of Infrastructure Housing & Environment
A/Roads Program Manager
(613) 938-5476

MCA Health & Safety Officer
Human Resources
(613) 575-2250 ext. 2151

Emergency Contact
Police Dispatch: (613) 575-2000