The Tsiionkwanonhso:te Long-Term Care (LTC) facility celebrated its 29th anniversary on August 17, 2023. 29 years ago, the LTC opened its doors to residents in need of long-term and daily medical care. 


The LTC started its week-long anniversary celebration with several events throughout the week, such as:

  • A performance by the local band, Crosswinds
  • An ice cream truck on-site for residents and their families
  • Entertainer Johnny M
  • Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo
  • Tota Bingo with the residents, their families, and community members
  • Traditional teachings, storytelling, songs, and dances with the Native North American Travelling College
  • An outdoor carnival with games, prizes, a dunk tank, and lots of food
  • A week-long Mohawk Auction with proceeds benefiting the LTC resident’s holiday activity fund


Tsiionkwanonhso:te would like to extend its sincere gratitude to all those who assisted in celebrating 29 years of caring and service. Your support and participation is greatly appreciated. The LTC would also like to thank their dedicated and caring staff for planning and implementing the many activities hosted throughout the week.





Fire Pit — Lorna Francis
Blue Patio Drink Set — Pauline Leduc
Toastmaster Pan Set — Caroline Boots
Kids Obstacle Set — Pauline Thompson
Everything But the Kitchen Sink Set — Juanita Arquette
Ka Chino Figure — John Leduc
Autumn Dinner Table Set — Danielle George
CuisineArt Set — Janet Caldwell
Coffee Maker Set — Ricky Roode
Studio Nine Apparel and Swag — Barbara George
Popcorn Maker and Popcorn — John Leduc
CuisineArt Salad Set & Accessories — Naomi Diagostino 
Grill Set — Kendell Buckshot
Original Pencil Drawing — Debbie Thomas
Beads by Summer — Donna Delormier
Northern Lights Book Bag & Wallet — Amy Sanford
Dr. Teals — Sheila Jock
Men’s Moccs — Dooley Thompson
Maxine Homemade Pillows — John Leduc
Traditional Beadwork — Jerry Thompson
Air Fryer — Pauline Thompson
Redken Hair Basket — Chelsea Gagne
Navajo Pottery — Taylor Jocko
Lunch Kit w/ Mad Magazines — Alanna Green
Teapot Kitchen Accessories — Brandon David
Baby Moccs and Skirt — Dodie Smoke
Paradise Island Float — Mylee Lazore
Baby Girl Ribbon Skirt — Chelsea Gagne
Canon Printer — Karen Lamoureaux
Back to School Book Bag — Brigitte Phillips
Squishmallow — Rayna Cook
Kids Play Pack — Tamra M
Hamilton Beach Food Processor — Natalie Chartland
Chey’s Place Dinner — Margaret Thomas-Jock
Paintings — Deborah Morin
Women’s Moccs — Allison Gagne
Blooms Flowers — Missy Thompson
Brass Horse Pizza Pack — Deirdre Sharrow
Snipe Clan Botanicals — Vanessa Adams
Jewelry — Mamie David
Best Buds — Rayna Cook
Scentsy Basket — Rayna Cook
Kiddie’s Nighttime Basket — Kendall Buckshot
College Back to School Basket — Nancy Jacobs
Fishing Set — Brenda Lafrance
Scentsy Box — Kelby Mitchell
Mocs by Hummingbird — Vaughn & Lynelle Phillips
Casino Stay & Play — Mylee Lazore
Goodleaf Dispensary — Naomi Diagostino
Ninja Air Fryer — Ellie Martin
Ribbon Skirt & Purse — Rebecca Thompson