The Tsiionkwanonhso:te Long-Term Care Facility (LTC) is notifying the community that in the early morning hours of Friday, March 3rd, the LTC suffered an attempted break-in. An individual attempted to enter the facility through various entryways but was unable to gain access due to doors and access points remaining locked, according to LTC entry protocols.


LTC staff that were on duty followed their security protocols and maintained their safety and the safety of the residents. LTC staff ensured entryways were closed and locked, and notified the police immediately, who responded quickly and apprehended the individual. Neither staff, residents, nor the individual was injured in this incident.


LTC staff acted quickly, efficiently, and according to protocols in this incident. Nia:wen/thank you to the LTC staff for their quick actions, maintaining their safety, and the safety of the LTC residents.