The MCA Wholistic Health & Wellness Program would like to remind the community of their confidential after-hours telephone number that offers mental health support to community members – 1-844-244-1060. This support number is meant to complement the mental health services available at Mohawk Council of Akwesasne (MCA) during regular business hours.

The after-hours telephone line is available during the following hours: 5 PM – 12 AM (midnight) weekdays and 2 PM – 12 AM (midnight) on weekends.

You will be asked to state your name and the system will connect you to one of the mental health team members. We will do our best to get to all callers however it is possible that you may have to leave a message. Clearly state your name and a call back number you can be reached at. We will call you back up to midnight unless you indicate a limit on the time we should call you back. During regular business hours, please call WHW at 613-575-2341 ext. 3115 or ask to speak to someone in the mental health department.

Some things to keep in mind when calling this support line:
1) This line is answered during the hours of operation only (not 24/7).
2) There is only one line so it is possible that you may get a busy signal or have to leave a message. You WILL get a call back as soon as the support person is available.
3) If you are having a medical emergency call 613-575-2000 or go to your nearest Emergency Department.
4) We are not a mobile service (we cannot drive to you in case of an emergency).
5) If you need more support than we can provide on the phone we will likely refer you to a service that will meet your needs.
6) If you are open to it, you can have a wellness check or follow up by a counselor within 24 hours by a member of the Wholistic Health and Wellness team.
7) We will provide supportive counseling and listening on the phone and give you referrals or an appointment for future sessions.