Iakwa’shatste Youth Fitness and Akwesasne Child & Family Services are excited to host a 10-day Virtual Scavenger Hunt!

How it works:
1. Iakwa’shatste staff will post a picture from an undisclosed location. Using the clue provided, you need to figure out where they are.
2. You will need to complete a daily fitness challenge. Take a picture of you doing the workout as proof.
3. Send us your picture and location TOGETHER each day by 8 p.m.

Clues will be given Monday-Friday from April 6 through April 17. Draws will occur on April 18 — winners will have their choice of prizes at the time their name is drawn. All choices are final and you can only win one prize throughout the scavenger hunt.

See the prizes and fitness challenges below! Follow Iakwa’shatste Youth Fitness on Facebook to receive the clues from staff.