The Akwesasne Mohawk Ambulance (AMA) would like to extend its sincerest gratitude to the Akwesasne Community Trust Fund (ACSTF), for their assistance in the purchase of the Ambulance Unit #3, a 2020 Ford F450 Ambulance. The new vehicle provides upgrades to the ambulance and emergency medical services that the AMA provides to the community.

The AMA applied for the 2019 ACSTF in the January 2019 Call for Proposals. The AMA proposal was approved in April 2019. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the Ambulance was not built and delivered until October 2020. The ACSTF has been instrumental in assisting the AMA in upgrading the Ambulance Fleet. To date, they have upgraded 2 ambulances and funded the purchase of a Chevy Tahoe which acts as a “fly car”.

When the new ambulance unit arrived in Akwesasne, it had experienced a few technical issues, and was taken out of rotation for repairs. Once the repairs and technical issues were addressed, the unit was returned, and put back into rotation to assist in serving our community.

The new ambulance unit provides many updates and services, which provides our Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) with the ability to provide top-of-the-line service and response times to our community. Updated lift systems and easier access for stretchers in the new vehicles make for a more comfortable experience for the patient, and employees.