The 2020-2021 AMBE school year is off to a great start! As we are welcoming back our students we are also saying farewell or see you soon to some of our staff. Please note the following AMBE staff changes.

  • Lisa Francis-Benedict – has accepted a short term leave from her AMBE position of Executive Assistant. Lisa is now working within the MCA Department of Community and Social Services. Although Lisa has been missed at AMBE, we wish her well in her new role.
  • Kallie Diabo – has joined the AMBE team in the position of Executive Assistant, please join us in giving Kallie a big AMBE welcome.
  • Sandra Delormier – joined the AMBE team as a Human Resources Generalist.
  • Dwight Bero Jr. – has taken a short leave of absence from his role as Post Secondary Manager.
  • Veronica Jacobs – has accepted the Acting Post Secondary Manager position until Dwight Bero Jr. returns.
  • Hannah McDonald – will be working on a part-time basis until further notice.
  • Sandra Rourke – has retired from her role as AMBE Secondary Student Services Coordinator on September 30, 2020. AMBE wishes her well as she begins her retirement years.
  • Lisa Zeran – has accepted the position of Secondary Student Services Coordinator; Lisa was working alongside Sandra up until her retirement.
  • Michael Thompson – returns as the Native Resource Teacher working alongside Lisa.
  • Akenhnahse White – left his position as AMS Principal, we wish him well.
  • Andrea Carpenter – has accepted the Acting Principal position at AMS. Andrea has been the Associate Principal for 3 years.
  • Tamara Canadian – has accepted the Acting position of Inclusion Supervisor. Tamara had been the Behavioural Intervention Facilitator with Building Blocks.


Please join us in welcoming the following new instructional staff at the schools:

Brittany Boots – Educational Assistant
Dayna Green – K4 Teacher
Shannon Lazore – Grade 5 Teacher
Troy Guindon – Grade 7 Teacher
Melissa Mader-Tardif – returning to AMBE as Grade 8 Teacher
Meagan Robertson – ISP Teacher
Jody Toupin – Grade 5 Teacher
Amanda Marini Rohde – PE Teacher
Jacob Laughing – Educational Assistant
Wade Wilson – Grade 8 Teacher
Zachary Seguin – Educational Assistant
Tracie Cook – School Counsellor
Trent Thomas – School Support
Kayla Cameron – School Support
Carrie Cameron-Thompson – School Support

Kana:takon School
Delores Lazore – K4 Teacher
Sue Ellen Herne – Educational Assistant
Lakota Lazore – Kanien’kéha Teacher
Mitchell Mittelstaedt – Kanien’kéha Teacher
Melissa Francis Herne – Cultural Arts Teacher
Kakwironton Oakes-Cook – Educational Assistant
Kanentahawi Delisle – PE
April Lauzon – School Counsellor
Mary Jacobs – School Support

Tsi Snaihne School
Carlie Lafrance – Educational Assistant
Gidget McCullough – ISP Teacher
Paige Jacobs – ISP Teacher
Charlene Francis – ISP Teacher
Renee Tessier-Furo – ISP Teacher
Mitchell Roundpoint – School Support
Kobryn Chaussi – School Support
Kenan Herne – School Support