In response to a provincial order restricting only essential travel across provincial lines, the Akwesasne Mohawk Police Service would like the community to know that their operations have remained status quo despite recent announcements by the Ontario Government, with no changes in our enforcement activity.   

Chief of Police Shawn Dulude stated, “If our officers stop you, it will be for a valid reason. In relation to COVID-19 restrictions, we will continue to engage, educate and enforce but we will not be conducting random stops.”

There are exceptions to the restrictions regarding crossing provincial lines including travel for an essential purpose, work, medical care, transportation of goods etc. Indigenous persons exercising treaty rights are also exempt. Therefore, AMPS will not be enforcing the travel restriction between provinces within the territory.  

Officers will continue to disperse gatherings and may ticket individuals for failing to comply with orders.   

“We recognize that the vast majority of Akwesasronon have complied with the restrictions to-date, and we thank you for that,” Chief of Police Dulude said.  “Further, we remain committed to working with our community partners to help keep the community safe.”