The St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences (River Institute), in partnership with the Great River Network, is pleased to announce a study beginning Spring 2022 to evaluate the ecological impact of waves and shoreline erosion on nearshore habitat in the St Lawrence River.


This two-year project will provide new knowledge to understand the relationships between wave cycle science, shoreline erosion, and aquatic habitat quality. This collaboration is between the River Institute, the University of Ottawa, the Great River Network (a local volunteer group), South Nation Conservation, Raisin Region Conservation Authority and the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne.


Starting in May 2022, the project team will be installing two wave loggers at three sites and will be monitored monthly for the remainder of the 2022 open water season.  Of the three sites, two are located in the Akwesasne Islands outlying Lake St. Francis.  Another site is in the vicinity of Canada Island in Lake St. Lawrence, Morrisburg, ON.  The wave loggers will be placed on the riverbed to measure the turbidity of the water and wave height from both commercial vessels and recreational boaters.  To ensure the accuracy of this study, we kindly ask that if you happen to come upon one of these wave loggers please do not touch, alter or try to move the instruments.


Your support in this shoreline erosion project is greatly appreciated. The Great River Community asks for your assistance in ensuring a successful project. Please contact one of the partners below if you have any questions or concerns. 

If you have any questions and/or concerns, please contact:

St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences

Phone:     (613) 936-6620
Twitter:   @RiverInstituteC

MCA Environment Program

Phone:     (613) 575-2250 Ext. 1038
Twitter:   @MCAkwesasne