Sportsmanlike Conduct Expected At A’nowara’ko:wa Arena

The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne (MCA) is reminding the community that when any individual(s) or team(s) are utilizing the A’nowara’ko:wa Arena on Kawehno:ke (Cornwall Island), or any of the MCA facilities, all attendees and players are expected to conduct themselves with respect and consideration towards all teams, players, officials, spectators and the facility.  Absolutely no violence will be tolerated. All athletics played within the MCA facilities are meant for family entertainment and to exhibit fair and sportsmanlike conduct.

Athletics are important for many youth and adults in Akwesasne, as well as our neighbors. A child’s involvement in athletics can contribute to improved social interaction, increase their confidence and improve their listening skills and health. When you become an athlete, and particularly when you excel in a sport, you become a role model for the youth that are following in your footsteps. It is important that you set a good example for those that look up to you.

All athletes should conduct themselves with integrity and respect when they are playing a sport and representing a team or community. In Akwesasne tewa’a:raton/lacrosse, is important to many community members as this game is rooted in our culture and identity. This game was originally played to bestow honor and respect to members of the community who had performed great deeds for the nation and to strengthen the power of medicines. Akwesasronon are taught that the game of lacrosse was given to us by the Creator. Traditional teachings remind Akwesasronon about the special relationship they have with the spirit messengers who passed the game on to them.  Please be mindful of this when you are playing for your community, your elders and your youth.

Nia:wen to all that visit and/or participate in athletics at the A’nowara’ko:wa Arena. Again, please be reminded that no violence of any kind will be tolerated in any MCA facility.  Let’s keep up the great competition and practice good sportsmanlike conduct so that all can enjoy!

For more information, please contact the Mohawk Government Offices at 613-575-2348.