Request For Proposal (RFP) – Stategic Planning Consultant Services



Issue date: August 14, 2018


Closing Location:

Administration 1 Building

12 Akwesasne Street

Akwesasne, QC H0M1Ao


Closing Date and Time:

Proposals must be received at the Executive Services prior to:

12:00 pm (Eastern Time) August 31, 2018

Budget Range: $5,000 – $8,000

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Donna Roundpoint

Assistant Executive Director

Telephone: (613)-575-2250



Chelsea Francis

Government Support Manager

Telephone: 613-575-2348 ext. 2270



Table of Contents

1.0   Introduction. 

2.0   Background. 

3.0   Objective. 

4.0   Scope of Service. 

5.0   Deliverables. 

6.0   Submission Guidelines. 

6.1   Communication after issuance of RFP.

6.2   Mandatory Submission Requirements. 

7.0   Instructions to Proponents. 

8.0  Disclaimer. 


1.0     Introduction
The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne is seeking proposals for a qualified consultant to work with Chief and Council and Senior Staff to develop a comprehensive Strategic Plan. The successful proponent must have extensive strategic planning experience, including the ability to conduct all required research, coordinate and facilitate the planning process, and create a strategic planning document suitable for public review and presentation.

2.0     Background
Since the June 2018 General Election, the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne has been actively participating in an extensive Orientation Program facilitated by the Mohawk Government Program and Executive Services Department. The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne recognizes the need and importance of developing a Strategic Plan that will assist in guiding the Council and the MCA Organization on the philosophy, vision, mission, values and strategic goals that are required and must be accomplished during their 3-year term of office.

3.0     Objective
To select a qualified consultant to provide external assistance to the development of a comprehensive Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan is to be an integrated Council plan that considers all aspects of Mohawk Council of Akwesasne’s high-level operations. The plan is to include a clear vision and mission as well as defined goals, objectives and priorities that are realistic, achievable and measureable. The Strategic Plan is intended to recognize the uniqueness of Akwesasne, as well as utilize and reflect the objectives and goals of the Community through the Comprehensive Community Plan. The Strategic Plan should also reflect the goals and objectives of the previous Strategic Plan 2015-2018.

4.0     Scope of Service
The selected consultant will work with Grand Chief and Council and Senior Staff to create a strategic plan which has long-range components (e.g. vision, mission, values), medium term aspects (e.g. objectives and priorities) and short term components (e.g. action plans). Performance measures must also be a feature of the plan to enable progress to be regularly reviewed.  An evaluation component should also be included that will outline the performance measures and outcomes, as well as a feature to the report that will enable progress reports.

The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne understands that there are a variety of models and approaches that can be used to develop a comprehensive strategic plan. The selected consultant will need to be able to adapt or customize an approach that will best meet the needs of the Akwesasne.

It is expected that strategic planning sessions with Grand Chief and Council and Senior Staff will commence immediately after Council has completed the Orientation program (at the end of September/Early October). However, preliminary research could be conducted by the consultant in advance of the planning meeting.

5.0     Deliverables
The consultant will be responsible for providing expert advice throughout the project and for the following deliverables (note that proponents are not limited by the deliverables and may wish to expand on them):

  • Project Coordination – including regular meetings and status reports to keep the project on schedule and keep identified stakeholders apprised of the process;
  • Orientation/Training of Participants to the process and components of strategic planning;
  • Needs Assessment/Environmental Scan – reviewing existing plans and documents pertinent to the comprehensive strategic plan, identifying trends and patterns that are applicable, analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats;
  • Process and Meeting Facilitation – assisting discussion and decision-making; ensuring that conversations are forward-looking; action oriented and move the participants towards creating a shared future.
  • Plan Documentation – including creation of a final document (and executive summary) for approval by the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne.
  • Evaluation Component – outlining performance measures and outcomes that allow for an annual review including a feature of the plan to enable progress reports.

6.0     Submission Guidelines
6.1     Communication after issuance of RFP
6.1.1         Please direct questions by email to one of the primary contacts for this RFP:

  • Chelsea Francis (
  • Donna Roundpoint (

6.1.2        Please be advised that your questions and MCA’s responses may be shared with all bidders should it be deemed appropriate.

6.2   Mandatory Submission Requirements

6.2.1        To be eligible for consideration, the Proponent must provide the Proposal in MS Word or pdf format. It must include the following:  Brief Cover Letter Proponent Profile with full legal name, address, telephone and email contact information, description of company, evidence of proven track record. Names and qualifications of all individuals proposed for performing services, including the extent and nature of their roles for the project. Description of proposed approach.  Gantt Chart or similar means of providing overview of work plan activities and schedule. Provisions for ensuring timelines for completion.  Detailed budget. Proof of Professional Liability Insurance.

7.0      Instructions to Proponents

To be eligible for consideration, the proposal must be received no later than:

12pm (EST) on August 31, 2018.

Via Email to:

  • Chelsea Francis (
  • Donna Roundpoint (


Delivered by hand/courier:
Administration 1 Building
12 Akwesasne Street
Akwesasne, QC
H0M 1A0


8.0    Disclaimer

8.1        All information distributed in connection with this RFP is confidential, and is to be used for the sole purpose of completing submissions and for no other purpose unless prior written consent has been provided by the MCA. All material and information distributed will remain the property of the MCA to be used at their discretion.

8.2       All Proponents electing not to submit a proposal will dispose of any and all confidential information in a responsible manner.

8.3       Proponents will not be compensated or reimbursed for costs incurred in preparing proposals.

8.4       The MCA reserves the right to:

  • Accept or reject any or all proposals
  • Waive any anomalies in proposals
  • Negotiate with any or all Proponents
  • Modify or cancel the RFP

8.5       Proponents may withdraw their Proposal at any time prior to the Proposal closing time by submitting a written withdrawal letter to the contact persons listed.

8.6       All Proposals are irrevocable for a period of (60) business days from the closing date.

8.7       Ownership of Proposals: All Proposals, including attachments and any documentation, submitted to and accepted by the MCA in response to this RFP become the property of the MCA.

8.8      Conflict of Interest: Proponents shall disclose in their Proposals any actual or potential Conflict of Interest and existing business relationships it may have with the MCA, its elected officials, appointed officials or employees.

8.9       Dispute Resolution: In the event of a dispute arising between the MCA and the Proponent as to their respective rights and obligations under the Agreement, both parties agree to resolve the dispute by:

8.9.1       Frank and open negotiations whereby both parties use their best efforts to resolve the dispute by mutual agreement including the most Senior Management of both parties.

8.9.2      If, after 30 calendar days, the dispute is not resolved, both parties agree to appoint a mediator to resolve the dispute. All costs to be split equally.

8.9.3      If, after the mediation process is complete and the dispute is not resolved, the parties shall proceed to arbitration.

8.10   Indemnification: The Proponent shall indemnify and save harmless the MCA, its agents, employees and elected officials from and against any and all liability whatsoever for losses, liens, charges, claims, demands, payments, suits, actions, recoveries, and judgments including legal fees and expenses of every nature and description brought or recovered against either the MCA, its agents and employees, or the consultant by reason of an act, error or omission of the Consultant, its agents employees or licensees in providing the services, including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, loss or damage to property, injury to or the death of any persons, alleged copyright, patent or other intellectual property rights infringement or interference, defective design or damage to the environment.

8.11    Local Preference: Preference shall be given to local Proponents where quality, service, and price are equivalent.

8.12   Confidentiality: The Proponent covenants and agrees that neither it nor its employees shall divulge, publish, or otherwise reveal either directly or indirectly any knowledge, information or facts disclosed to the bidder by reason of this Request for Proposal.  All information furnished to the bidder by the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne (the “MCA”) is confidential and shall remain the sole property of the MCA and shall be held in confidence and safekeeping by the bidder for its sole use.