Council's Vision

Sustaining our inherent rights, facing challenges together to build a strong and healthy future. 

Mission Statement

The Akwesasne Justice Department strives to provide a comprehensive Justice System for the people of Akwesasne which is equitable, fair and respectful of individual rights and is also respectful of our Culture and Heritage as Mohawks.

Department Goals

  • To develop and administer a community based justice system centered on traditional principles. 
  • To provide community members with the institutions to resolve internal conflicts and disputes, and a forum for the adjudication of community laws. 
  • To manage and expand the restorative justice programs and native court worker program. 
  • To provide community members with local supervision program for adult, youth offenders and federal parolees from the courts and correctional centers in Ontario, Quebec and New York State. 




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Director: Joyce King
Contact Info: 613-575-2250 • Ext. 2400
Fax:  613-575-1726
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